5 Creative Ways to Save Space at Your Cabin

Is your cabin starting to feel cramped? Smaller spaces can create challenges for storage and comfortability. Here are some ways to make the most of your space at your Wisconsin cabin. An uncluttered cabin will help you relax and enjoy your time in the Northwoods. 

Store Items Under the Bed

Don’t let any space go to waste! Storing items under the bed in flat bins or zip-up containers can free up more space in closets and cabinets. You can even purchase bed risers to create even more storage options.

Create Built-In Storage

There are places in your cabin that are ripe for creative storage solutions. Under the stairwell or building drawers into the side of the stairs themselves is a great place to start. Custom storage can also be built into window benches, breakfast nooks, or built-in shelves. 

Utilize Your Wall Space

Start thinking up when you run out of closet or floor space. Installing hooks or shelves to hang items in your kitchen or living room will help create new possibilities for storage. You can even choose a wall to hang a pegboard on that will create flexible storage solutions which can be altered as needed. 

Furniture that Doubles as Storage

Couches, ottomans, benches, and tables are now made with extra storage. Consider replacing some of your furniture to create more storage in your cabin, or have it custom-made! 

Outdoor Storage Shed

Do you have items that you could move outside? Consider buying or building a storage shed on your property to store things that don’t necessarily need to be inside. This will allow you more space to cozy up in the cabin. 

Using these space-saving ideas, you can spend more time enjoying your cabin instead of being stressed by clutter and stuff. Once you have the space you’ve been looking for, you can try these simple upgrades to make your cabin homier. If you’re looking for your own piece of the Northwoods, Patrick Schey and our team of long-term local, Northern Wisconsin real estate agents can help you find it. Reach out today to learn more!