7 Simple Upgrades to Make Your Cabin Feel Like Home

Are you looking for some new ways to make your cabin feel more like home? Check out these 7 ideas that are easy and perfect if you’re on a budget!

1. Decor from your home Do you have anything around your house you’re not using? Bring it to your cabin! Having some familiar pieces will help your space feel more homey.

2. Coffee maker – Do you have a favorite coffee maker or other kitchen appliance that you use daily at home? Get one for your cabin as well so that you can make your favorite beverage the way you like!

3. Rugs – Whether you have all wood floors or want to add some more pops of color, rugs are a great way to spruce up a space.

4. Blankets and pillows You can never have too many blankets or pillows, and they will help your cabin feel cozier on cold, rainy days. 

5. Lamps If you’re looking to switch up the lighting but don’t necessarily want to replace any lighting fixtures, look into some floor lamps or table top lamps. 

6. Candles – In addition to lamps, candles are another way to add a bit of light and some cozy ambience to your space.

7. Photos of loved ones – Last but not least, adding some photos to your walls of people you love will definitely help your cabin to feel like home!

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