A Smart Choice. A Local Move.

Patrick Schey and his team of Northern Wisconsin real estate professionals give their clients exactly what they need to make buying a cabin, lake home, or resort a possibility. They’re smart. They’re local. 


Patrick Schey’s team knows the real estate market. They understand financing and the complications that can come with it for vacation properties. They strategically navigate roadblocks and challenges for customers. They make the important—and sometimes intimidating—process of buying a resort or lake home much simpler. 


Patrick Schey’s team knows the Northern Wisconsin lake life. They know the area, the lakes, the market, the opportunities, the towns and local activities. They understand the resort business and the options for financing them. They can help you find the property that is exactly right for you, whether a resort, business opportunity, vacant land, or a quaint cabin for fishing, hunting or a weekend getaway.

A Smart Choice. A Local Move.

Cabin and Resort Purchasing with Patrick Schey