Top Security Options You Should Consider for Your Cabin

Cabin security is essential, regardless of whether your cabin is in a neighborhood or a remote or
secluded area. You never know when a break-in could occur (especially when you don’t live
there full time), and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Here are a few top choices for cabin

Motion-sensor lights outside are a good idea not only to scare off intruders, but it will also be
helpful if you need to go out during the night. You may also want to consider having indoor lights
set on timers that turn on automatically when it gets dark.

There are various camera options available, from trail cameras to webcams, that you can install
both outdoors and inside. Cameras are an excellent way to keep an eye on your property while
you’re away.

Another good option is a noise alarm. Some styles of alarms allow you to stick them directly to
doors or windows and will sound when opened. Other alarms are designed to go off when glass

Door Barricades
While having secure locks on your doors is essential, barricades can be an added way to
prevent intruders from entering. There are many options available, from removable to others
that you can screw into your floor.

The Lived-In Look
Finally, make your space look lived-in while you’re away. Whether that’s by stopping by every so
often or having neighbors take care of your yard, having your cabin look like someone is there
can help ward off potential intruders.

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