Top 3 Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades for Your Cabin

Kitchens are the hub of activity on weekends away at the cabin. They host family meals, deep conversations, cozy mornings, and nostalgic smells. If your Nothern Wisconsin cabin is in need of some improvements, but your budget is tight, here are some inexpensive upgrades to help you get closer to the kitchen you want. 

Add Some Color to Your Kitchen

A splash of color can bring character or warmth to a room with little cost. You could choose to create an accent wall, paint your cabinets, or even add wallpaper or contact paper to spruce up your kitchen. Feel free to get creative with it! This is also a quick upgrade and could take you as little as one day! 

Update the Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference in the feel of a room. Something as simple as changing out the type or brightness of a light bulb could make a huge difference. You could also consider switching out light fixtures to more updated versions or find some that go with the theme of your cabin. 

Update Cabinet Hardware

From outdated to modern – upgrading the hardware on your cabinet can bring a huge transformation to your cabin’s kitchen. While you can go out and buy new hinges, pulls, or knobs, that can get expensive quickly. Instead, consider cleaning and painting your old hardware to create a brand new look in your kitchen.

Simple upgrades like this can also add value to your vacation property, giving you extra equity! If you’ve been thinking about listing your cabin for sale and taking advantage of that equity, the Patrick Schey Team can help you list your property and even help you find a new one!