Three Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Stove 

Your wood stove probably gets quite a workout during the winter months, and it’s never too late to make sure that you are properly maintaining it so that your family stays warm and safe for the rest of the Northern Wisconsin winter days. 

Be Mindful of What You’re Burning

This might seem obvious, but wood stoves are for firewood only. Avoid burning things like driftwood, trash, styrofoam, plastic, artificial logs. Sticking to regular firewood keeps your wood stove clean and your loved ones healthy.

Stay Consistent

Regular maintenance is key to sustaining the longevity of your woodstove. Keeping your fires small, clearing flues and vents of debris, and doing regular professional inspections and cleanings will ensure that your wood stove keeps you warm for years to come. 

Keep it Clean

Keeping every part of your wood stove clean can make a difference in the long-term health and short-term enjoyment of your cozy fires. Be sure to regularly clean your glass window (you can do this with a cold piece of coal from your fire and some paper towels) so that you can continue to enjoy the warm glow of the flames. Clearing out ashes from the bottom of your stove and checking for flue debris weekly at a minimum can make sure that you don’t have big problems in the future. 

Maintaining your wood stove is a critical piece of wood stove safety. For a thorough list of wood stove safety tips, click here. Looking for a property where you can cozy up by the fire? Check out our current properties to find your dream Northern Wisconsin vacation home.