The North Woods is Social Distancing

Long before any government-issued mandate forced us to create space between each other, miles of lakeshore property in Northern Wisconsin freed us to do it. The lake life doesn’t mandate social distance, it creates it. With serene, peaceful lakes and the opportunity for trophy walleye, water sports, and late-into-the-night bonfires, the woods and lakes of Northern Wisconsin are a world away from the pressures of everyday life. 

A Place to Run to 

Northern Wisconsin is unlike any other place in the country. Within just a few hours, people are transported from a world of high-demand expectations and a frantic pace to the middle of nowhere; miles from their real world and free to be as adventurous or as quiet as they like. People are able to unplug and unwind. They’re free to explore new places; to disappear; to be as loud or quiet, as close or as far away, as they want to be. 

The North Woods – The Distance You’re Looking for

Miles of lakeshore and large acreage parcels in Northern Wisconsin have given generations of families the space they need to unwind and recharge. Now, with the global health pandemic of COVID-19 giving us constant reminders of our need to socially distance, people are rediscovering their appreciation for something quieter. They’re finding that a place for respite away from the business and bustle of suburban life isn’t as unattainable as they once thought. It’s actually quite close, and can be found quite easily. 

Now’s a time to escape…not to run away from something so much as to run to something. If you are looking for a vacation property or resort, let Patrick Schey’s team at Lakeplace – Vacationland Properties help you make the right next move.