The Essential Fire Pit Care & Safety Guide for Your Cabin

Never use accelerants or gasoline to start your fire

Instead, choose dry paper, kindling, or cardboard to get your fire going. It’s easy to use too much accelerant, causing larger than necessary flames or even starting a fire somewhere you didn’t mean to. Stick with more natural materials and matches or a lighter. 

Keep plastic away from your fire pit

Melting or burning plastic can release harmful chemicals and has the potential to ruin elements of your fire pit, leading to unnecessary damage and repair. When you’re in doubt about what you can burn in your fire, it’s best to keep it out. 

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby

Safety is the key to enjoying your fire pit. Be sure that you have a fire extinguisher or garden hose readily available put out unintentional or rogue fires that might start before they get out of control. 

Never leave the fire pit unattended

Be sure that you always keep an eye on your fire, and never leave children near a fire pit without adult supervision. One small gust of wind could cause a larger, unwanted fire, so always make sure you know what’s going on with your fire pit. 

Extinguish your fire responsibly 

It’s actually not recommended to put a fire out with water. The rapid cooling of the fire can lead to damage to your fire pit over time. It’s better to let the coals run down by spreading them out and letting them die out. Other options are covering the fire with sand or shoveling burning coals into a metal bucket with a secure lid. 

Cover your fire pit when not in use

Once your fire has completely died down, cover it to keep it from surrounding elements and critters. Harsh weather and pesky animals can reduce the integrity and lifespan of your fire pit, so making sure it’s covered when not in use will ensure that you get to enjoy time around the fire for years to come. 

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