The Best Muskie Fishing Up North in Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin is an angler’s paradise, and if you like to fish for Muskie, you’ve come to the right spot. Hiring a fishing guide is a great way to explore the best fishing holes and cash in on all their secret tips and tricks for catching muskies, but if you’d rather venture out on your own, here are a few lakes known for fantastic muskie fishing:

  • Boulder Lake, Vilas County. I’ve heard whispers of genuine giants in this lake, but if you don’t catch any muskies, you might reel in a trophy smallmouth.
  • Big Saint Germain Lake, Vilas County. It’s known as being a “trophy lake,” and it’s larger than most lakes in the area, so hiring a guide is a good idea if you want to fish this lake.
  • Eagle River, Vilas County. It’s World’s Largest Chain of 28 Connected Lakes and boasts some of the best muskie fishing around. Many of the lakes are clear, shallow, and have weed beds, which makes for ideal muskie habitat!

Get out there, have fun, and we hope you catch the “big one”!