Rustic Design Ideas for Your Cabin

Rustic design is always in style if you own a cabin. The rustic style focuses on bringing the outdoors inside while embracing rugged elements and natural furniture and textures. If you want to incorporate rustic design into your cabin up north in Wisconsin, here are a few ideas to consider:

Rough-Hewn Beams

Rough-hewn beams add instant charm and can be used on ceilings, doorways, and around windows and fireplace surrounds.

Earth Tones

Think nuanced colors from nature, like the woodsy tones from tree bark, rocks, and soil. You can mix in creams and whites if you don’t want the color to feel too “heavy.”

Weathered Materials

Aged wood, reclaimed wood, hammered metal, and seeded glass are all options that provide interest and texture – perfect for decorating your cabin.

Organic Materials

Using organic materials like wood, rock, seagrass, and leather helps you feel connected to nature and provide the warmth that people love from rustic design.

Creating a rustic design in your Wisconsin cabin is fun and easy when you choose natural finishes and select a color palette that you would find in the gorgeous forest and bodies of water you find Up North in Wisconsin.