New Winter Hobbies to Get You Outside

If you’re looking to try something new this year or just looking for a way to spend more time outdoors in Northern Wisconsin, we’ve pulled together some new things for you to try before you head back to the cabin to warm up.

Ice Climbing

Think rock climbing, but frozen! This challenging winter sport involves tools such as ice picks and screws as well as climbing shoes with spikes. You’ll gear up and take on frozen waterfalls, icefalls, or rocks and hills covered in ice. There are plenty of professionals that give lessons and beginner sessions, so get out there and start climbing!

Snow Kayaking

You heard us right! Pull out your kayak, paddles, and snowsuits and find your nearest slope. This grown-up version of sledding takes everything you love about kayaking to the snow. Keep your balance and catch some speed as you soar down the hill.

Snow Biking

Don’t let the snow deter you from getting out on the bike! Fat tire bikes give you the traction you need in the snow to get out and back on the road. 

Winter Camping

You don’t have to give up camping, just because it’s cold. Extra layers, a sturdy camping stove, and a good sleeping bag can make all the difference when camping in the winter. 

Whatever you decide to try this winter, make sure you have a warm cabin to retreat to when you’re done enjoying the great outdoors. Contact us today to find your Northwoods property!