How You Can Be Prepared for Your Vacation Home Inspection

If you’re hoping to buy your next Northern Wisconsin vacation home soon, there is a lot to consider and be ready for during the buying process. While many people are skipping inspections these days to make themselves an advantage over other buyers, it still might be a good idea to get your cabin inspected to make sure that you know what you are getting into. 

If you can be present at your inspection, here are some items to pay special intention to:

Potential Wood Rot

Many vacation homes and cabins are subject to severe weather causing the wood to expand and contract and leave cracks allowing moisture in. Be sure you or your inspector are on the lookout for cracks, peeling stain, or issues with wood siding or logs.

Insect and Rodent Activity

Remote areas commonly and understandably experience more issues with insects and rodents. Be sure to check for evidence of insect or rodent issues such as holes in the floor or wall, droppings, ant hills, or nests. Being aware can help you better prepare for possible infestations. 

Water Damage

Water Damage can cause or be a sign of other serious issues. Look for water stains on the floor or ceiling, dripping pipes, or pooling water. If you can understand the cause of the leak or damage, you can make a more informed home buying decision.

Status of Windows and Doors

How old are windows and doors? Will they need to be replaced soon? Are they overdue for a change? Old windows and doors on your vacation home could come with leaks, cracks, and higher heating/cooling bills.
Your trusted team at Patrick Schey’s Vacationland Properties is here to help and guide you as you buy your next Northwoods home! Our expertise in vacation properties can help make your buying or selling process simple and easy!