How to Host a Memorable Outdoor Movie Night at the Cabin

Summer is quickly coming to a close in Northern Wisconsin, and summertime at the cabin is dwindling. Now is the time to make memories with your family and friends that will last you until the next cabin season. Hosting an outdoor movie night at the cabin is the perfect way to close out the summer. Here are some tips for creating a noteworthy movie night at your cabin. 

Get a Powerful Projector

The best way to ensure that everyone can enjoy the movie is to get a quality projector that has enough power to create a visible screen for all to see. Do some research to see what would work best for your outdoor space including bulb brightness, projection distance, and hook-up options. 

Find Your Screen

If you don’t have an exterior wall that you can project on, you can also use a white sheet or canvas. If you’re hoping to make a tradition out of it, there are blow-up screens or foldable screens that you can set up when you’re ready to enjoy an outdoor movie. 

Amplify Your Sound

Movies aren’t as much fun if you can’t hear them. If you showing your movie from a laptop you could use a robust Bluetooth speaker, or you can get serious and purchase a set of outdoor speakers

Ready the Popcorn

Nothing says movie night like popcorn! Make a big batch for everyone to share. You can even include different toppings and make a popcorn bar.

Make it Cozy

Having lots of blankets, pillows, and camping chairs available can ensure that everyone is comfortable when watching the movie. To create a little ambiance, you can also hang outdoor string lights to create a warm and inviting glow.

Pick Your Movie

Find a movie that everyone is likely to enjoy. Consider the ages and tastes of everyone involved or pick a classic you know everyone already loves.

We hope your movie night adds to the fun of your summer at the cabin! If you’re not already heading to the Northwoods during the summer, check out our available properties and get a taste of cabin life!