Four Fantastic Reasons to Buy Bare Land instead of a Cabin

If having a vacation property is one of your dreams, but the cost has deterred you from purchasing a cabin or lake home, buying bare land is something you might consider.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing bare land (or even hunting property), but here are the top four that come to mind.

1. Most bare land requires little investment of time

Because you aren’t dealing with the upkeep of a home or buildings, land can be an excellent investment opportunity that doesn’t require much work. 

2. There’s not much risk

Land is a long-term, tangible asset, and it doesn’t fall apart or wear out. If you have bare land with no outbuildings, there’s not usually anything that can be destroyed, broken, or stolen. 

3. Land can be less expensive to purchase

Investing in bare or hunting land can be relatively inexpensive and cheaper than buying a vacation home or cabin. Apart from taxes, there are few costs. You will not be paying for electricity, water, or other utilities. Additionally, fewer people are usually looking to purchase land, which means you can often get it at a lower price.

4. There are numerous options for using your land

Whether you decide to build a cabin or second home that you can enjoy with your family, a lake home you can rent out, or even keep your land bare for hunting, your options are endless!

If you’re looking for land or a cabin in the North Woods of Wisconsin, we can help! Contact us today to get started in your search.