Food Plots on Your Hunting Land in Northern Wisconsin

Wildlife food plotting is an enjoyable way to attract more animals to your property and to improve their overall health if you have hunting property in Northern Wisconsin.

If you are thinking about planting a wildlife food plot, we have a few useful tips for you.

  • Don’t place the food plot close to high traffic areas where wildlife could be endangered by cars
  • Food crops to consider for the early season include clover, sorghum, sunflowers, and soybeans.
  • Corn and brassicas (turnips, rape, kale, etc.) are the two most reliable food sources for feeding wildlife in late fall or wintertime when there is snow cover. Both are great options for attraction and nutrition
  • Consider testing your soil for pH and nutrients and add appropriate amounts of lime and fertilizer. It’s not a “must-do,” but it does help maximize plant growth.

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