Excellent Grill Recipes Worth Trying at the Cabin this Summer

Spending time in the Northwoods at the cabin means firing up the grill and gathering around the table with some delicious eats. Here are some delightful recipes to inspire your summer meal plans. 

Root Beer BBQ Chicken

Grab a couple of root beers from the fridge to make this deliciously sweet and tangy chicken sure to be a favorite for everyone in the family! 

Grilled Pork Chops with Honey Garlic Glaze

Who doesn’t love a good pork chop on the grill? This Asian-adjacent main dish is the perfect balance of salty and sweet and produces tender, mouth-watering pork chops. 

Grilled Onion & Skirt Steak Tacos

If you love tacos, then this recipe is made for you. Grill everything from your onions, peppers, steak, and tortillas for an elevated Mexican food night at the cabin! 

Chipotle-Honey Sweet Potatoes

Don’t forget about your side dishes! Just about everything is made better on the grill, and sweet potatoes are no exception. Liven up your potatoes with a little sweet and spicy glaze. 

Grilled Corn in Husks

You can’t have summer without corn on the cob. This in-husk recipe is a great way to try a different option for serving everyone’s favorite sweet corn.

Skillet Brownies on the Grill

There’s no need to skip dessert when you’re grilling out. Top these skillet brownies with your favorite ice cream, and everyone will go to bed happy! 

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Sugar Butter

If you have never tried grilled peaches, run straight to your grill and fire it up! This sweet, warm, juicy recipe is all the best parts of peach pie, and a perfect summertime treat. 

Whatever you’re grilling this summer, we hope that you’re enjoying it on the porch of your Northern Wisconsin cabin! If you’re looking for your perfect grilling deck, reach out to us and we will help you find what you’re looking for!