Enjoy the Season of Loon Watching in the Northwoods of Wisconsin

Is there a better soundtrack to your cabin bonfire than the call of the loons in the Northwoods of Wisconsin?

We don’t think so!

June is the time of year to watch for baby loons, as eggs typically begin hatching in in mid-to-late June. When you see loon chicks, you might notice them riding under the wing or on a parent’s back to retain body heat. Chicks are totally dependent on their parents for food initially but start diving for longer and longer periods as they grow and provide about half of their own food by five weeks. 

Speaking of diving, loons with tracking devices have been recorded on dives of 174 feet! Another cool fact about loons is that when the young loons fly south in October or November, they won’t be back up this way again for probably three years. When they do return, they will supposedly return to the SAME LAKE that they were born on.

In July hundreds of Loon Watch volunteers will get up before the sun to go count loons on more than 250 lakes. The results of this survey will help biologists track the number of loons in Wisconsin. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with Loon Watch, there are multiple ways to get involved; learn more at this link.

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