Buying a Cabin With a Septic? Here’s What You Need to Know

When buying a cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, you might encounter something you don’t have at your primary home – a septic system. If you’re not familiar with septic systems, you might feel a little nervous about buying a cabin with one. Don’t worry; it just takes a little education to get familiar with what to expect.

A septic should be inspected every 1 -3 years, and getting an inspection done before purchasing a lake home with a septic system can be a good idea. A septic inspector will usually locate the system, check for signs of a backup, identify any leaks, and more. Please note that inspecting a septic is typically not included in a general home inspection, so you will have to schedule one separately!

Click here and here for a few resources you can visit to learn more about septic systems, signs of failure, and how to maintain one.

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