Birdwatching in Northern Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known across the country as home to some of the most beautiful, idyllic landscapes you can find. Pristine lakes, and quiet, serene settings create the atmosphere for people looking for any kind of escape and for outdoor enthusiasts of all types. From the deep waters of Great Lakes to the chains of lakes for walleye fishing, from kayaking and paddle boarding to the miles of trails for biking, skiing, and motorsports, nature is literally at your fingertips all across Wisconsin.  

One of the most fascinating — and equally tranquil — outdoor pastimes throughout Wisconsin, and particularly in Northern Wisconsin, is birdwatching and loon watching. Some birds will be easy to spot. Others require a listening ear and a lot of patience. 

Try spotting an Indigo Bunting during the summer months in Northern Wisconsin. Or find an American White Pelican and it’s massive 9-foot wingspan. Or see if you can find a secretive American Bittern hiding in the reeds alongside Kawaguesaga Lake. There are hundreds of different species of birds to see in the state, and miles upon miles of lakeshore, deep wooded sanctuaries, and quiet, peaceful trails to give you the perfect setting. 

Bird watching in Northern Wisconsin is truly a worthwhile pastime.  

For some resources and tips on the best spots for finding the most beautiful and interesting birds within our great state, check out these resources: