5 Steps for Your New Year Cabin Remodel

It’s almost the New Year and if one of your goals in 2022 is to remodel your Northern Wisconsin property, we have five steps to help you have a successful project so that you are guaranteed to be happy with your new space.

Do Your Research

Look up remodels of similar scope and style so that you can get a sense of the cost and time that will go into your project, and how it might add value to your property.

Set a Budget & Timeline

Now that you have a good idea of what it might cost, set a reasonable budget and timeline that you would like to stick to for your project. Make sure to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room for when unexpected issues might arise. 

Hire a Professional

If you don’t plan on doing the work yourself, start looking into hiring a professional. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations, and be sure to look up reviews for your considerations. Once you’ve hired someone, be sure to take the time to thoroughly look over all contracts so that you know what’s expected of you and the company you are hiring. 

Select your materials

Have a vision for the look and feel you want as you transform your space and begin to select your products. Be sure to consider price and durability as well as look and style. Work with your professionals to understand supply availability and delivery times to help ensure you stick to your timeline.

Be involved in the process

Stay in communication with your contractor, designers, and supply providers so that you’re aware of what’s happening and any issues that might arise. 

Whatever your project, big or small, you can add value to your property while enjoying a new, fresh space for years to come. 

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