5 Reasons Thanksgiving is Best at the Cabin

Thanksgiving is a time of community and gratitude. We gather to cook and eat good food, often family recipes that have been passed from person to person. We spend quality time together, sharing memories and celebrating the good things in our lives. Hosting Thanksgiving, on the other hand, can be stressful. But the cabin offers several ways to mitigate the stress of hosting the holidays.

Calm & Cozy

Having a big holiday out in nature is a great way to cut the stress of hosting. The kids can spend the day outside, the atmosphere is serene and relaxing, and there are plenty of cozy activities when the TV is not droning on in the background. Don’t forget to pack the puzzles and board games when planning for Thanksgiving at the cabin.

Plenty of Room

You know there is room for everyone at the cabin! Many families have shared cabins that have been in the family for generations, so you know exactly how many beds and rooms there are to fill. Some cabins offer larger kitchens and dining rooms, since they are intended to provide shared space for multiple families to gather together.

Setting the Scene

When you’re at the cabin, it’s easy to decorate for special holidays. You’re already surrounded by beautiful views and an organic atmosphere. All that’s left is to light some candles, burn a campfire, relax in the hot tub, or create some fall crafts with the kids to set the mood.

Shared Space

The cabin is a shared privilege, which is a huge help when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Everyone pitches in because it’s everyone’s retreat. Hosting a group gathering at the cabin takes some of the stress off one family or one couple. It also makes for easy, synchronized cleanup when everyone heads home at the same time.

Peace & Solitude

Finally, our favorite thing about hosting Thanksgiving at the cabin is it gets you out of the city. There’s less noise and distraction, people aren’t coming and going. The family can really settle in at the cabin, connect with nature, and enjoy each other’s company in the changing of the seasons.

If you’ve never hosted Thanksgiving at the family cabin, we can’t recommend it enough. Being together is just about effortless when you are in a comfortable space, sharing the workload, and relishing in the serenity of nature.