4 Tips for Bringing Your Pet to the Cabin Safely This Summer

Everyone loves including their furry family members in summer activities, including trips to the cabin! Here are some tips to make your pet’s time at the cabin smooth and stress-free for everyone.

Make sure your pet is healthy and up to date on their vaccinations. 

Double-check with your vet to ensure your pet is healthy enough for travel and protected from potential sickness and disease before you take them out of their normal environment. Staying in the Northwoods of Wisconsin means more bugs, wildlife, and wilderness that your pet might not be used to. 

Have proper safety gear for travel 

Ensure your pet is safe and happy on the way to the cabin! Have a secure way for them to travel in the car, such as a pet seatbelt, kennel, or car restraint so that you and your pet arrive at your vacation destination safely. 

Bring extra supplies

Always be sure to have plenty of pet supplies in case you want or need to stay at the cabin longer. Pack extra food, toys, poop bags, litter, and medications your pet might need! 

Give your Pets time to adjust

Animals are creatures of habit by nature. If they are not used to traveling, give them time to explore once you arrive at the cabin and use lots of positive reinforcement with praise and treats. Bringing a bed, blanket, or toys from home can help ease their transition, especially if they are not used to traveling or being in new places. 

We hope you enjoy your time with your pets at your Northern Wisconsin cabin this summer!