4 Simple Ways to ‘Deck Out’ Your Cabin’s Deck Area

We either spend a lot of time on our decks at the cabin in the summer, or we wish we would spend more. If you’re looking to maximize your deck experience, here are some easy ways to enhance your deck space to make your summer at the cabin even more enjoyable. 

Set up Lighting

Adding some strategic lighting will help create some awesome ambiance for your deck. If you’ve got a GCFI outlet near your deck, there are numerous opportunities for string lights, outdoor lamps, or rope lights. Low voltage installation is also an option that an amateur can handle with a little research and the right tools. Lighting up your deck allows you to spend more time outdoors during the precious moments of summer in Northern Minnesota. 

Refinish or Paint

Refreshing your deck with a new coat of stain or paint can bring new life to your outdoor space. Start by sanding down the old finish or scraping off the worn paint. Once you have a blank slate, you have the opportunity for a new look to entice you to spend a little more time outside this summer. 

Add Shade

The sun can beat down pretty hard in the summer and there’s no reason that you have to stop enjoying your outdoor spaces. Instead add a shade umbrella, a pergola, or a canopy or awning to your deck area so that you have it made in the shade while you’re at the cabin this Summer.

Incorporate Plants and Flowers

A few simple pots or planters around your deck can make a drab space a spectacular one in no time at all. Add some of your favorite flowers and greenery, or start an herb or vegetable garden! The green leaves and petals will bring color and joy to your outdoor experience! 
Enjoy your deck time this summer Up North at the cabin. If you’re looking for a property with a deck, but haven’t found one yet, contact us today and let us help you find your dream vacation home!