4 Activities to Keep You Entertained at the Cabin this Winter

While getting away to the cabin in winter can be a nice break from your regular routine, it is easy to get bored quickly in the winter when you can go swimming or spend as much time outside. We’ve put together some activities that will keep you entertained on your Winter getaways to the cabin. 

Play Hockey or Go Ice Skating

Grab your skates and head over to the lake or your backyard pond. Starting up a friendly game of hockey, or just enjoying an hour of ice skating with friends or family can get you outside in the fresh air and break up long days at the cabin. 

Take a Winter Hike 

Whether you like to snowshoe or just love a normal winter hike, there are plenty of Northwoods Trails for you to explore in wintertime. Take paths deep into the woods, or walk along the shoreline to see the gorgeous frozen lakes. You’ll be ready for a long nap as soon as you get back to the cabin! 

Go Bowling

Who doesn’t love a good game of bowling? If you want to get out of the house, but it’s too cold for an outside activity, bowling is a great option for all ages to have a fun day!

Have Friends or Family Over 

If you love hosting, a great way to break up the day is to invite your friends and family over to hang out. Host a fondue or game night and enjoy the company of people you love spending time with. Your cabin won’t seem so boring when you’re filling it with people! 
If you’ve been thinking about renting out your cabin in the winter instead of heading up on the weekends, we put together some pros and cons of turning your cabin into a VRBO getaway.