3 Odd Items to Bring on Your Next Ice Fishing Trip

Ice fishing is a favorite pastime in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. While many of you are already pros and have lots of official ice fishing gear, there are some items that you might want to consider bringing on your next trip to make your experience even better. 

Hockey Tape

Obviously made to hold up in colder temperatures, hockey tape might become your new best friend for ice fishing. This tape is perfect for holding equipment together, closing up gaps between clothing to keep you warm, and creating a sturdier grip for your pole, among many other uses. You’ll want to make sure to stop at your local sporting goods store on your way to your fishing spot.

Lip Balm

More than just for keeping your lips hydrated and from getting chapped! Lip balm can also be a useful addition to your tackle box. Adding lip balm to your fishing pole rings will help prevent ice from forming and weakening your fishing line. It can also be used as a lubricant on other pieces of equipment facing the cold, icy elements. Be sure to grab a tube on your way out the door! 

A Sled

A sled has many great uses when you’re on your winter fishing trip. If you don’t like to drive out on the ice, a sled with a rope can help you carry your equipment or any children that are tagging along. It can also be useful if a member of your party gets injured and you need to bring the to shore to receive medical care. You never know when a sled might come in handy!

We hope you enjoy each of your ice fishing trips this winter in Northern Wisconsin! If you’re looking for a cabin to warm up in after your day on the ice, check out the properties we have available right now!